The Way of the Stars

The Way of the Stars: Excursions to reunite Heaven and Earth.

The ancient peoples of Europe celebrated and honored Nature, the Mother, the return home. Nature has been entrusted to us and we are its custodians.

The phases of Life, their movement; everything is a cycle of change and transformation. Birth, growth, maturity, death, rest and rebirth reveal the mysteries of the spirit that changes form unceasingly. Everything is on the way; is in an eternal dance.

Natural processes are seen as a continuous cycle. The passage of time is also seen as cyclical. The progression of birth, life, decline and death, visible in the cycle of plant and animal life, finds a parallel in the progression of the seasons. This cycle is seen as the cause and consequence of life, death and rebirth; but also as a return home

Aims of the Project:

What do we do

We would like for the association to represent a way of bringing together people who consider themselves Guardians of Nature, but who also wish to contemplate it and return to live in new ways; to find a more balanced relationship with natural forces, plants and animals. The path, the dance, the rituality of the gestures bring out the passage says that in order to live, to exist, the route must be celebrated and danced. We will go to places where the heart opens and allows us to connect with our inner sacred space in a dimension where time stops and harmonizes with our inner rhythm; the Time of the Soul. We will do this first by walking then following the rhythm of our feet, the roots that connect us to the earth. Without roots, without connection to nature, without rooting on this earth, one does not proceed on the path of personal authentication and self-knowledge. So we propose itineraries to reach sacred places in Umbria and the Marche. You will be accompanied on narrated and dancing paths, with music and circle dances. We offer you two ways to participate:

Excursions on the Road: Walking routes with narration to discover the symbols, stories and legends of the area.

Dancing excursions: Routes taken on foot with narration, between symbols and dances in a circle to reunite the sky with the Earth.