Courses and Seminars

A week on the Path in the Woods

A week entirely dedicated to cosmetic and food herbal preparations, starting from their recognition, recollection and the use of our wild herbs. Every day you can enjoy herbal teas and a lunch or dinner based on wild herbs.

The world of natural colors

An entirely practical one-day or weekend course that teaches you how to make colors. You will learn how to extract color pigments from plants, flowers, roots and berries. We will use these to color and wool and fabrics.

Natural Soaps and Detergents made by you

A day or a weekend dedicated to experimenting and learning how to make soaps and detergents, soaps for the face, liquid soaps, soaps and detergents for laundry and dishes, decorative soaps and perfumed bath salts.

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics workshop to discover the basic principles for personal care with completely natural resources, techniques and materials, all in harmony with the environment and with ourselves. A day or a weekend to devote yourself to personal care, make ointments, creams and oil-based essentials. Let's discover the secrets of Beauty of Nature together!

Herbal tea workshop

Gathering, drying and everything related to the production-at-home of herbal teas. Herbal teas to treat small ailments, bad mood or just to pamper yourself. A day or a weekend to taste infusions and decoctions.

Hortus Conclusus Workshop and Seminar:

You will be invited into our Hortus Conclusus to get to know its history and symbolism. Learn cooking recipes and medicinal preparations from the ancient Benedictine Abbeys.