Foraging school

Day in nature

Il sentiero nel bosco wants to be a meeting place where you can spend a day in nature, gathering wild plants. It is an opportunity to rediscover our ancestral contact with the world of Nature, recovering a natural dimension and approaching an ancestral harmony. Traditional knowledge related to field research, harvesting, conservation methods and different extractive methods will be put into practice in order to have great self-made products.

You will have the opportunity to experience our course on recognition of wild herbs: an expedition, which is not a simple walk but a place for the mind and the heart to return to; it is, above all, re-knowing, getting back the lost knowledge of our origins which have their deepest roots in the earth.
You will be guided along paths that are still uncontaminated and full of great beauty; and you will be able to look at the surrounding world with new eyes.

We offer one-day workshops or, upon request, a multi-day course for small groups or even individuals. Our Scuola Selvatica wants to reach all ages, even to children who, accompanied by their parents, will be able to discover spontaneous plants through the use of Fairy tales.

Dominate Herbarum

A project, a meeting amongst women to narrate and rediscover the thread of memory. Bringing light back to a forgotten world, the world of female care: Women’s plants and their relationship with the sacred.

In the meetups-workshops it will be possible to deepen the knowledge of wild plants and their common and curative use; At each meeting the story of a healer woman (a Domina herbarum) will be told.
Who is “Domina Herbarum”? The "Domina Herbarum" is the lady of herbs, the healer, able to relieve aches and pains through the energy of the plants and the earth.

My desire is for this, to be a research shared with women who are open to the awakening of ancient memories.
We will collect and identify wild plants, and each will have the opportunity to create her own personal herbarium.