The Wheel of the year

Parties and Events

The expression Wheel of the year indicates the annual cycle of the seasons. It consists of eight ritual moments spaced at regular intervals throughout the year. In this way, the ancient peoples of Europe celebrated and honored Nature, the Mother, the Home. These festivals were then used by European cultures, both in pre and post Christian times, as traditional time markers for the community to celebrate the stages of agricultural work. The wheel of the year leads us through the seasons in the journey of Life, from birth to youth, maturity and then old age, death and rebirth. Every moment of the year corresponds to a moment of Life and in some days (such as solstices and equinoxes) from time immemorial humanity has celebrated the sacredness of each phase of Life.

This project was born with the idea of ​​proposing meetings and workshops with the aim of re-harmonizing the innate inner disposition of feeling the natural cycles and relating to them.
Awaken and bring back to life the rituals of passage that celebrate the wheel of the year; live celebrating and dancing this awakening which has as its ultimate goal the awareness of our profound belonging to Mother Nature.

We offer you Events and Festivals of ancient popular traditions such as the Feast of St. John, the Celtic New Year Samhain, the solstices and equinoxes, music, rituals and dances.

We offer advice on organizing events and parties in your home on request.